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Child Behavioral Counseling

Child age range | 3yrs-12yrs old
Accepting private pay only at this time.


Initial Assessment/ Bio-psychosocial | one-time fee of $150.00. The initial assessment usually takes about 1-2hrs as clinicians must gather all information of the child in order to better assist the needs and focus on areas discussed.

Each session + travel fee| $50 (travel fee will be waived if 3 sessions are pre-scheduled for the month) Each session is 45mins to an hour.

*Please Note: Reason for private pay also known as an out-of-pocket fee, clients choose not to involve their insurance companies in their child’s mental health care as a diagnosis must be associated for insurance coverage. Once a mental health diagnosis is made, it becomes a part of the child(ren) permanent health record. Insurance coverage also limits the number of sessions and time of sessions based on the diagnosis.

*With private pay/out-of-pocket fee, we can assure our clients the highest quality degree of privacy, flexibility, and control of how often therapy is attended, not the insurance company. We also operate on a sliding fee scale based on your income level, as we believe every child should have access to therapeutic counseling and empowerment services.

Our team utilizes these types of psychotherapy (child) techniques:


Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) helps a child improve anxiety, moods, and behaviors by understanding their thinking process.


Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) this helps a child understand and accept their inner emotions.


Play Therapy involves the use of blocks, toys, sand, paintings, drawings, and puppets to help a child identify with their feelings and make connections to verbalize.


Support Therapy which provides coping skills and allows children and young teens to differentiate with unhelpful and helpful behaviors improves self-esteem and reduces stress.

*Payment due in cash, checks, money orders, Cash App ($ANCounseling or 786-499-1698), and or credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions -Child Behavioral

Free 15-minute consultation to assist with solidifying an ideal focus plan for the session(s). Based on the assessment, and the client’s need, a focus plan of care will be drafted and emailed to you. The care plan will focus on the areas discussed. Making changes after the contract agreement will result in a $25 revision plan of care. (Clinicians will have to re-assess the new setting to align with the care plan). Once the agreed care plan is executed, our office will send a SERVICE AGREEMENT, CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT, AND INFORMED CONSENT to schedule your appointment.


Siblings Counseling

We provided behavioral counseling to empower siblings and demonstrate how to build a bond or healthy bond with each other.


Discount is provided to children of veterans at 20%. (Please provide a copy of the veteran ID to apply the discount).


Payment is always due 24hrs before the session(s) or same day before the session start time.


Cancellation or if postponement is needed, provide our office with a 24hr notice to avoid No-show/cancellation fees ($40.00 per session) No-shows are NOT based on a sliding scale or fee adjustment.


Services will be recommended if our team observes a child(ren) is struggling other than with behavior concerns.


Schedule your appointment today via the website, or email. Please allow our team 24-48hrs to return calls. We understand the urgency of each client, as we will always ensure client calls are answered in the order in which it’s received.

Call or email us to book an appointment today!

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people between 10 to 24. You’re not alone, help is always available.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Emergency number: 911