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Here at ANC (Alliance Notary & Counseling), we focus on the quality of services rendered, quality of life, harm reduction, and the well-being of all our clients. Every day, social workers continue to support the lives of millions by providing evidence-based practices to improve each individual. ANC believes in the power of holistic approaches, interventions, and collaborations in order to enable positive changes amongst children and families.

Juliette Louis, MSW, RCSWI, is the founder of this organization that practices in the social work field for over 10 years. She has facilitated groups of young children up to adolescents with gaining an understanding of coping skills, channeling their negative behaviors into more constructive forms, and accepting the word “No”. She has also worked as a legal assistant in a Real Estate law firm for over 12 years while achieving her bachelor’s and master’s degree at Florida Atlantic University, in the field of social work.

Our exceptional clinicians provide equality, compassion, and diversity to suit the unique cultural obligations of our children and families. Focusing on prevention, behavioral, and mental health concerns. ANC offers virtual and in-home services to our clients for comfort and flexibility.

Julienne Louis, MA

Julienne Louis, MA

Julienne (Jay) Registered Marriage/Family Therapist RMFT, NCC.

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